Freitag, 25. April 2014

Fraser Island Adventure

Sunday, 20th April 2014

written by Lorena Buller and Zoe K'Gari

Today at the time of six o'clock in the morning (which is not really the favourite time for most people to get up), we had to prepare for the Beauty Spots Tour on Fraser Island. Our tour began at 8:30am and ended at 4:30pm. Our tour guide Gary,who was a true blue Aussi took us all over the beautiful island in this huge bus and he was really cool. To get to our first view point we had to drive for about one hour through a road shaped like a rollercoaster. Our second stop was the fresh water spring "Eli Creek", which flows into the sea and where we had the chance to take a swim. Approaching to the spring we had to drive along the beach which was like the highway of the island and while our driving we had the chance to take a look at the sea. After having a cup of tea and some really nice cookies we took off to the ship wrack where we took a lovely group picture. 

Next, some of us had the great opportunity to fly over the island and thanks to Anastasia who missed out on flying because we were too many people, everybody who wanted to, could fly. The view we had over the island was simply amazing and a very good experience. After our lunch the next destination was the rainforest and we had a 1,8km bushwalk, where the moskitos enjoyed their lunch too (German students and teacher).  Our last stop was at lake McKinzey, a lake formed just by rainwater and without any connection to the sea, so the water was very clear but also very fresh. 
Everybody was happy to take a swim and to relax in the sun for a little while, after this long and exhausting trip. Back at the lodges we had to hurry a bit to be at the beach in time to see the sunset. 

For us this day was a very good and exciting experience we had on Fraser Island. 

It was really a day in paradise!

Dienstag, 22. April 2014

Some Impressions II (Hervey Bay - Fraser Island - Sydney)

My bloCK entry ;)

Saturday, 19th April 2014
written by Ramon Dragusin

After our First night in Harvey Bay, we had breakfast at 9 o'clock. At 10:30 am we went to the Port by bus and went by ferry to Fraser Island. We arrived 2 hours later and did a little tour through our resort. We recieved our keys for the rooms, made our beds and met for the canoo tour. We were divided into 2 big groups and paddled in groups of three.

We paddled for half an hour and got of the canoos to see a little bit of the coast of Fraser. In the evening at 6:30 pm we had dinner in a restaurant next to the sea, we ate pizza and after that, we made a camp fire with a ranger, who told us stories about Fraser Island and her own history. The stars were amazing the whole night and evening. At the end of the camp fire, our damper was ready. 
After that some of us played Poker in one of our huts.

All in one, the day was really exciting and good for me. Everyone was happy, everyone had fun and the atmosphere was relaxed.

Sonntag, 20. April 2014

Heading for Fraser Island

Friday, 18th April 2014
written by Linus Quellhorst

Today we had to leave Brisbane. We woke up at 8 am, had a shower and went to have breakfast. At 11 am we went by train to the train station at Hervey Bay. In the train I played poker with Tom, Ruben, Marcel, Valentin and Ramon. After we arrived at 3 pm, we had to go by bus for another half an hour until we arrived at our hostel. We took our bags to our rooms and I had a pizza. Furthermore we played soccer and at 6 pm we had dinner. Now we will go to bed after a great day.

Tomorrow we will go by ferry to Fraser Island for two days and I hope we will have a great time. 

Day 5 in Brisbane

Thursday, 17th April 2014
written by Jan Freitag

Today is Thursday, the fifth day of our stay in Brisbane. After breakfast we played poker. Then we (Tim, Lukas and I) decided to spend our day at the city centre because there was no programme. At 12 o' clock we took the ferry to the city centre. The ride to the city centre is free and took approximately half an hour. The ferry station was called Eagle Street Pier.  Afterwards we decided to discover the city centre. The city centre is very modern. We saw lots of skyscrapers but we also saw a few old buildings. Then we went to Queen Street Mall which is a pedestrian mall. It is 500 meters long. Over 700 retailers are located there. We went into a few stores and I bought an Australian soccer jersey. In the afternoon we were hungry. So we went to an Asian restaurant. There we had some noodles. Then we went to a supermarket. We wanted to buy something to drink because the stores would be closed the next day. Then we drove back by ferry. In the evening we saw a beautiful sunset. Then we had dinner in the youth hostel. After dinner we started packing our luggage for the trip to Hervey Bay.

Donnerstag, 17. April 2014

Floating on Brisbane River

Wednesday, 16th April 2014
written by Lina Große-Schönepauck

After we had breakfast this morning at 9 o`clock some of us layed next to the pool to enjoy the sun, others played for example poker. At 12:30 pm we met at the reception because we wanted to make a boat tour on Brisbane River, we walked to the little port and wated there for the city cat. The boat tour lasted about one hour, we drove down the river and had a great view over the city and all the skyscrapers.

After the trip some of us got off the boat earlier to see the beach next to Brisbane River. My roommates and I got off at the station where we embarked because we wanted to have a little picnic on the other side of the river. We went to the city and got some food and then we walked over the bridge and layed down in a little park. During our picnic we listened to some music and enjoyed the sun.

At 4:30 pm we went back to our hostel and met our friends in our room to relax with them. We had dinner at 6 o´clock like every evening and we had suasages with mashed potatoes. After we finished, we walked in a group of 12 students to the river and enjoyed the skyline of Brisbane at night. That was our 17tth great day in Australia.   

Montag, 14. April 2014

Brisbane: Day 2

Monday, 14th April 2014
written by Marvin Friedrich

Today was our first day without our exchange families.We all had breakfast together at 9:00 am. Then we decided to go to the Museum of Modern Art. We visited an exhibition of the Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang with the title  "Falling Back to Earth" which was really exciting. After the exhibition we decided to go to fhe city center. We went to a few shops and bought some stuff. We also read that there is a botanic garden in Brisbane so went to it. The nature was really cool. After dinner we played some cards with the other students. All in all it was a really good day.